DIY low cost single channel Lora gateway

Diy low cost single channel lora gateway

A few months ago, I went to a workshop organized by the WSL & The Things Network. They taught us about using TTN hardware to create a Lora mote that sends some basic data to the TTN backend.

Of course, as the workshop was well prepared, we were sending data rapidly and exploited this data on the backend.

When I came back home, I was sad that i could not play again with this technology, because of two things:

  • I don't have any Lora mote
  • there is no Lora network coverage in my area

I could get rid of the first barrier by borrowing a The Things Uno from a friend, but he doesn't have the gateway to provide the network coverage.

I decided to do some online research and build my own low-cost single channel Lora gateway.

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